How Nintendo messed up

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September 30, 2015 by NoodleCat


For the Flipnote Studio website, click here.

Hundreds if not thousands of people used Flipnote Studio and Hatana, after Hatana shut down, people found no use to make videos that would never be seen.

Later, Flipnote studio 3D came out, a whole new universe of exploration took place.

One small problem…


Now club nintendo wasnt bad at all

kUJn0fH large tumblr_m8jpz3cgQB1qmojsu

You got cool prizes and stuff!

and then…


So yeah… Its gone NOW, this message was put out in February I think?

So how do I think we will get in the future



Now, it’s probably not true, but it is possible.

So do YOU think they may make another possibility?

Tell me in the comments below if you think so…

or don’t think so.


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