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September 30, 2015 by NoodleCat

(Warning: Spoilers to my Fan-Fiction)

If you want to see the post I made when i announced the fanfic Click here

just going to introduce some characters and some other stuff, not much else, but I have a LOT of OC’s.


glaceon_by_pokesonic-d45xebjGlace, Crush on Kate,Glaceon,has ICE

fox_with_a_book_by_groxy_cyber_soul-d93m7ooKate, Crush on glaceon,Fox, one day will become queen of the fox kingdom

245324532525Queen Angel, daughter of Princess Luna, enjoys social media

6354372d735795215bc279fafbc27826Spectra, Owner of the rainbow factory, Princess of spectra (spectra is a term used in The Rainbow Factory Fan-Fic by Aurora Dawn, Warning: Has Gore)

8b97f4e9a8941e3d28d24f0455bb5d37Silver Script, writer, she is as shy as flutter shy… but is as tough is… Mod?

9d2c201939e2f87e0a77e33f89fbb5e6Grape Soda, REALLY loves grape soda, its pretty handy…

0196c956892f0b86b997a0f5bd9bf00b Laura ,Librarian,Fox

flaring_rainbows_by_super_rainbow_dash_1-d70wunoSuper Rainbow Dash, Super…

dark_rainbow_dash_by_rdbrony16-d4yketdDark Rainbow dash, Dashie is Poshest, like REALLY poshest…

fc,550x550,white.u4Rainbow dash Sentry, from My Little Portal, its an animation (lol, the site doesn’t have Episode 7)

I’m going to stop there, I’m putting to much in here


Comeing soon


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