Fan fiction news: the logo (plus a sneak preview of the prologe

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October 30, 2015 by NoodleCat

Yes, I made the logo

Prologue: Glaceon

Glaceon stood in that harsh cold wind of the Crystal Mountains.  This wind seemed colder than others, even for him. Lately the small cave he live in with his family in the mountains was warm and welcoming. Glaceon was one of the few element users in Equestria, and now, one of the fewer. The warm cave he lived in collapsed, leaving him in the cold air.

He didn’t know where anything was anymore, he and his family always had food by the fire, and that was never much, but it was enough to live off of. How his family got food he never knew.  He had been in the cave for his entire life, but the cave never got many visitors, and the few they did have didn’t know someone was already in the cave. He wished he had his family now, he knew he would miss them a lot. He felt like crying, but if he were to cry his tears would surly freeze. “Just find a nearby city or town or something” He thought to himself. This is when he remembered about his ice powers, he had always been banned from using them at home so he was a little rusty, but it was all he had beside 4 light blue boxes, and what was in the boxes was oblivious to him. He used his ice powers as a trail to make him go across the arctic faster than he could walk himself. That whole time he thought about the boxes, but he had a feeling they should be for someone else. Then, he decided he would mail them, when he found a someplace where ever that might be. He smiled at the thought. “A mystery gift, how fun.”


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