How to join WolvenOwl

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November 26, 2015 by NoodleCat

Here, I’ll show you!

If you have a wordpress account and are signed into it (if you need to sign in Click Here!) just…

Click on “Join The Community” (I’m not using my computer, that why its an older one…)


If you have a Gravitar, linked to your Email or WordPress, It will appearĀ  like mine (you can see in the picture above my Absol picture (or used to be?), mine is connected to a Gravitar…

If you do not own a WordPress account, you can make one or…

You can put in your E-Mail and it will send you an E-Mail Confermation…

Remember that if your E-Mail is connected to a Gravitar, then your selected Gravitar picture will apper in the “Community” box on my websitewolvenowl-desktop-background


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