This is the 50 Post!

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February 29, 2016 by NoodleCat

Yay! 🙂

Since today is leap year, I thought I would Time this very carefuly!

I have draw a bit of art, see below…

It is also on my Deviantart and Tumblr!

So today we are half way to 100. Sorry about my post rate again, I have had a lot of school events going on.

Also, you may see the thumbnail, you also may have seen my post called Selfies. That is the WolvenOwl Crew! We will hopeful, once I get everyone ready, the WolvenOwl Crew will have its own “Ask the WolvenOwl Crew”. Anyway, soon I will explain what each of the Eevee evolutions is in the WolvenOwl Crew, but for now, each of them represent a member of our group (Granted that there are more than that and there are also more that the people in the WolvenOwl Crew!

Tomarow I will be postin a post on Undertale! 🙂


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