1 Year Anniversary for WolvenOwl!

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March 5, 2016 by NoodleCat

Today is WolvenOwl websites’s Birthday !


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So yes, this website is really only visited by my friends, how ever, over 1000 people have seen my site GLOBAL. OK, so its not a lot, but at least I can say it 🙂

Today, I’m actually going to go over a fairly serious topic. I don’t normally talk about these kind of things, but somethings have came up in my life that I would like to talk about.

You may have noticed that the amount of posts has gone down drastically, I have had a lot of work to do so I haven’t been able to post as regularly.

Another thing I have kind of stopped working on is the fanfiction, but fear not! Im working on It as I type this post


Spoilers above 😐

So yeah, I’m hoping to post more and see you soon…

Note to everyone!

So I understand that I made this post before…

The thing is that I was starting to believe that WordPress (What Me and my friends use to post stuff on the website) Wouldn’t give me updates…


OK, so it does

ALSO! You may notice that it says yesterday!

I only noticed this today (2/6/16) so I marked the post day to yesterday’s date (3/5/16)…


Stay awesome!

-The WolvenOwl Crew


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