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April 20, 2016 by NoodleCat

I just need to speak out…

Hello, I’m Nix from the WolvenOwl Crew, as you may or may not already know, the WolvenOwl Crew is my friends who play roles of eeveelutions from Pokemon (Plus my photo-shopping an computer art ability).

Anyway, as of now, I have hit sort of a creator block. as you may know, I have been writing a fanfiction, however with the current work flow I am getting is to much for me.

As you may have seen, the rate of me posting has gone wayyyyyy down and I’m going to explain why.

Lately, as I said, I have been working on a lot of work, which is a lot for me, also I’m having a lot of emotional problems which a really getting me down. My group of friends have really changed, the only people I talk to as much is Eon and SlimeCat (The best camera person I could have! :3) and a couple other friends not in the WolvenOwl Crew.

Over time I have realized on thing, my group is starting to break.

And this may could be just teenage drama, or that something is really the matter.

Eon is most likely the only person who is going to actually going to see this post, so thank you for your support, and if any of the rest of the crew is seeing this, that is amazing.

I have done a lot of work for the crew, but I think my best, just isn’t enough.

I’m glad to have an emotional support, but with the rapid change of events going on, I fell a sort of disconnection to the rest of the crew.

As well as the post rate dropping, so has the views of this website.


I mean wow, other that the Undertale Insomnia Comic Post I made just a moment ago, my last post was 6 days ago, and before that March 29 (Not including Eon’s post

And me and my friends life isn’t just all about the website, I have a lot In my life, and I know my friends do too, but I really just not know.

Its good to get a lot of stuff off my chest.

So, I don’t know that happens next and I don’t know if I’ll be able to post as frequently. So yeah…

Thank you for hearing my life stuff, and always…

Spam level one!


P.S. That is my outro (and always… Spam level one!)

P.P.S. Watch my new Hilarious video of us dancing like idiots and the behind the scenes video of afterward!


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