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April 26, 2016 by NoodleCat

If you red my last post, I’m starting from scratch…

Friendship is the Beginning

By Nix (From the WolvenOwl Crew)

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Authors Note:

This fanfiction has a lot of copyright, I own no copyright to anything in this fanfic. In this fanfiction, there are three different kinds of references:

  • Plays a role in the fanfic
  • Altered reference so It can tie into story
  • References that don’t play a role, but are in there just for the fun of it 🙂

Do keep in mind, if you don’t get a reference that’s totally ok, the important ones I explain other ones are just like a wink-wink to their fan base














Prologue: Glaceon. 2

Chapter 1: Apple Bloom.. 4

Chapter 2: Doctor Hooves. 7

Chapter 3: Kate. 10

Chapter 4: Glaceon. 13

Chapter 5: Kate. 16

Chapter 6: Scootaloo. 19

Chapter 7: Glaceon. 21

Chapter 8: Rainbow Dash. 23

Chapter 9: Glaceon. 25




Prologue: Glaceon

Glaceon stood in that harsh cold wind of the Crystal Mountains.  This wind seemed colder than others, even for him. Lately the small cave he lived in with his family in the mountains was warm and welcoming. Glaceon was one of the few element users in Equestria, and now, one of the fewer. The warm cave he lived in collapsed, leaving him in the cold air.

He didn’t know where anything was anymore, he and his family always had food by the fire, and that was never much, but it was enough to live off of. How his family got food he never knew.  He had been in the cave for his entire life, but the cave never got many visitors, and the few they did have didn’t know someone was already in the cave. He wished he had his family now, he knew he would miss them a lot. He felt like crying, but if he were to cry his tears would surly freeze. “Just find a nearby city or town or something,” he thought to himself. This is when he remembered about his ice powers. He had always been banned from using them at home so he was a little rusty, but it was all he had beside 3 light blue boxes, and what was in the boxes was oblivious to him. He used his ice powers as a trail to make him go across the arctic faster than he could walk himself. That whole time he thought about the boxes, but he had a feeling they should be for someone else. Then, he decided he would mail them, when he found a someplace where ever that might be. He smiled at the thought. “A mystery gift, how fun.”


Chapter 1: Apple Bloom

Apple Bloom and the cutie mark crusaders were at Sugar Cube Corner, their spot to just talk. “Gee I bet that was the most interesting conversation in cutie mark crusadering history!” said Apple Bloom. “That’s not even a word,” Sweetie Belle said to Apple Bloom. “Eh, it wasn’t THAT amazing, hey, why dont we go to the club house!” said Scootaloo. And at that, they all left Sugar Cube Corner to start heading towards to the club house.

“The sunset is beautiful,” Sweetie Belle pointed out. All of them agreed that the rainbow colored sky way beautiful. As they walked to the club house, the sun slowly went down to reveal a dark sky filled with brilliant stars that seemed to glitter.

When they finally arrived the door was wide open. “I swear I closed the door the last time I was here.”

When they walked in it was freezing cold and there was ice on the open window. “What in the hay now?!” said Apple Bloom, looking at the ice that was mysteriously there. “We should investigate, Apple Bloom you check this room, Sweetie Belle you check outside, and I will check the attic!” said Scootaloo.

So, they went to their assigned locations. Apple Bloom was walking around in the small front room of the cutie mark crusader tree house. She decided to check the small podium which they got to welcome new crusaders. This is when she found 3 light blue boxes. The where fairly small, about the size of her hoof, but they weren’t there before, so she called the others.

When they all were there, she put the boxes on the floor in front of her. “What’s in the box!” said Scootaloo enthusiastically. “I don’t know, I think they’re presents!” said Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom put a box in front of each of them. “I bet there’s awesome in these boxes!” said Scootaloo. “Hold your horses gals, I wouldn’t be so sure that they’re safe, they could be trapped!” said Apple Bloom. “Eh, whatever,” shrugged Scootaloo.  Apple Bloom looked back at her box wondering how it got there in the first place.

After 5 minutes of nonstop talking over who got what box, they finally decided and were all in the center of the room with their boxes. “Ok, I guess we will all open them at the same time,” said Apple Bloom. “3, 2, 1, GO!” said Scootaloo so fast that they were startled and opened them faster than they would have. The gifts where unusual, none of them ever seen them. But no doubt about it they would have never known what would happen next. Outside the window there was a loud noise of tree branches snapping and a loud “thunck” against the ground, as a light blue figure fell from a tree.


Chapter 2: Doctor Hooves

Doctor Hooves waited In the hospital tent that night. The tent was in the center of town. Recently, the hospital was blown up by a crazy pony so the tent was for helping the ponies in need. The one other nurse was Nurse RedHeart, a trained medical pony who learned at the Doctor and nurse school of Fillydelphia, a school for only the most serious ponies. No tolerance for bad behavior was allowed, any pony to do so to even some degree was kicked out and never let back in.

Doctor Hooves was a Bio-engineer. He also was the CEO of Equestria and Celestia labs, until everything went wrong. The Discord AI (Artificial intelligent) robot kill off most of the faculty members and the ones who survived are still traumatized even ten years after. Crazy enough, he was one of them, the only one that didn’t bleed, he escape just in time. He later found Rainbow Dash, she had just been given post-traumatic attention 3 weeks before and had surprisingly recovered quickly.

She shouldn’t have…

After Rainbow agreed to help him, she went to the Discord AI room. No pony knows what happened in there, but it wasn’t good, that’s for sure. Doctor Hooves activated the CELESTIA and Luna AI robots who shut down Discord. As Discord began to shut down, he said something that would make Doctor Hooves question everypony…

“Be Prepared.”

“Prepared for what?” Doctor Hooves said.”

“The consequences.”

Rainbow Dash was found in critical condition.

Every trace of Rainbow Dash’s memory was erased. She is staying with Twilight ant the moment.

Doctor Hooves snapped out of thought as he heard hoof beats on the cobblestone of Ponyville central.

“Doctor! Doctor!” Shouted the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

“What is the matter girls,” said nurse RedHeart.

“We honestly don’t know, look for yourself,” said Apple Bloom

They opened a body bag (why they have possession of a body bag no pony knew) and there was a creature knocked out in it.

Nurse RedHeart let out a gasp, being a trained nurse she knows about every creature alive, except this, this was new.

“How in Equestria did you find this?” asked Doctor Hooves.

“It just fell out of our tree, we don’t know why it was there, but it fell and we put it in this bag I found in the apple cellar.” Said Scootaloo.

Doctor Hooves thought about consequences

“I’m sorry but-“

“WE’LL DO IT!” Said Nurse RedHeart Excitedly.



Chapter 3: Kate

Kate Is a fox, she doesn’t live in Equestria, but lives on a smaller continent to the west of it (“The earth is round, there is no up or down.” –Pinkie Pie). This land of Kanidia was filled with peace to the degree it got boring, they haven’t made any contact with others like the ponies and Griffons, but Most of all, and nothing would happen, nothing strange or different.

Kate was the princess of Kanidia, her mom as the queen, ruled over all of Kanidia, she was well respected. Kate wasn’t, she was shy and her only real friend was the librarian, Laura. Kate and Laura go from far back, she was once one of her royal story tellers then, became a librarian. Sometimes, Kate wished she could be a librarian so she could read as many books as she wanted.

Kate woke up that morning to a knock on her door. It was one of the castle guards.

“Your other would like to see you,” he said.

She left the room then went up the stairs to the roof.

She mumbled to herself, “My step mom”

Her parents died in a war 7 years ago.

“Yes mom?” She asked.

“As you may know, we have not have had much, if not any contact with our fellow neighbors”

“Yes, but how-“

“SILENCE! As a princess you should know not to blurt.”

“Yes mom.”

“I want you to boat to Equestria.”

Kate’s jaw dropped at the moment she said she was going to Equestria. She had heard stories about Equestria and had always wanted to go. Thoughts ran through her head, would my parents be proud of me?

“I’ll go pack my-“

“No need! You’re only staying one night.”

Kate was sad about the fact that she was only staying for one night, but to be the first Kanidian to step on Equestrian soil. The thought exited her so much she could explode.  Plus freedom from the castle, that was a good bonus.

“All hail Princess Kate! “Shouted the guards as she went to the docks. As they saluted, she went on a small boat and set sail alone…

She had never set out to sea, or even left the castle for that matter. After she could no longer see Kanidia she shouted,

“Yahoo!” and then lay down on the floor. “I can finally do whatever I want.”

After a long nap, she woke up after she banged against the shore.

She pulled out an old map that the librarian once gave her.

“First stop: Ponyville!” She said, realizing the shape of this part of the coast was a horseshoe.


Chapter 4: Glaceon

He woke up with a start. Glaceon had no Idea what happened after he fell, first he was there and now he’s here. He started to look around, he found that the room had no one in it, there where machines that he did not recognize and a few tool on a tray, he felt fine, but what happened? Where was he? He got up out of the bed that he was in, and stretched. There was a door, it looked lke is was made of fabric. Thinking about it, the enitre room looked like it was like some kind of silk, like a tent. Just then glaceon snaped out of thought when the door opened. In came a light brown pony with a dark brown mane, this pony was followed by a white pony with a pink mane. “Hello, I am Doctor Hooves and this is Nurse RedHeart. I see you have recovered quickly.”

“And how exactly do you know that?” Glaceon said.

“We use X-rays to see if there where any broken limbs… tuns out you where just fine,” said Nurce RedHeart.


She showed Glaceon a paper with black and white pictures on it. She put the paper away and then Doctor Hooves spoke.

“So, are you ready to go?”

“I thinks so, are you sure I’ll be ok?”

There was a pause as though he said something wrong. Nurse RedHeart then broke the silence.

“RedHeart Hospitals give 100% get-better-soon policy.”

“So I’ll be ok?”

There was more awkward silence.


“Ok, so I can go?”

“You’re more confused than a rattlesnake in the Canterlot maze!” said a voice outside the tent

An orange pony opened the door and walked in the tent

“I’m Applejack, my sister Apple Bloom said she took somepony here, didn’t know it was another creature.” Said the orange pony.

“I am Glaceon, I don’t quite understand your ways yet, but I do know a little bit, not much though. Can I go?”

“Yes…” Said Nurse RedHeart.

Before he left the tent, he said, “I hope to see you all soon.” He walked outside, and took a few steps.

The middle of this town had a huge fountian and a huge building with a red roof. He began to wander. The statue was a pony he turn around and smash right into somepony.

A fox fell on the ground.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you there!” Said Glaceon.

He helped the fox up and she wiped the dust off of herself.

“Thanks, I should have-“

Kate stoped and blushed.

“Im- Im Kate, whats your name?”

“Glaceon, nice to meet you.”


Chapter 5: Kate

For her entire trip, this was the first creature she had found, for hours, ponies have been looking at her like “what the heck,” and here he is being looked at the same.

Just then, an orange pony carrying two ponies on her scooter went up to Glaceon.

“Hey!” said the yellow one, “That’s the thing that fell out of our tree!”

“Wait… are you the ponies that I gave presents to?” Said Glaceon.

“Yeah… it would be nice if you explained them to us…” said the white pony.

“Hey! Do you have a place that you’re sleeping tonight? Applejack lets visitors of Equestria sleep in the barn!” Said the orange pony.

“That’s right!” Said the yellow pony, “She did with the Yaks, I dough she would tell you to leave.”

“I think I just saw Applejack, she said she had a sister… Apple Bloom, was it?” Said Glaceon.

“That’s me! These are my friends, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo!”

Kate wasn’t getting the majority of this, but now she knew everypony’s name.

“Well you sure are the energetic type of fillies are you?” said Kate.

“Yup!” Said Scootaloo, “And we still will get need to get our cutie marks!”

“So… Aren’t we going to Applejack’s barn?” Said Glaceon.

“You’re coming!?” Said all three fillies.

“Sure,” said Glaceon, “You can come to Kate since we just me and all.”

Kate blushed.

“Sure” Said Kate.


As they moved farther and farther away from town (Ponyville as Apple Bloom explained on the way) it began to become darker in the already night sky and the glimmer stars became more visible. Glaceon and Kate looked around the farmland.

“This is sweet apple acers,” Said Apple Bloom.




Chapter 6: Scootaloo

In the dark sky of sweet apple aches, Scootaloo saw Cloudsdail, once her dream to work at, but now is her worst nightmare. Any time she looks at the dark clouds and the rainbows coming out of the factory she remembers the blood and the dead, flightless winged fillies who fought to death ageist the staff of the rainbow factory but had no chance. She felt a shiver down her spine. The thought came to her head.

Rainbow Dash.

Who she felt as a sister…

A friend…

A family…

She remember the words before her one chance to flee,

“Any final words, you miserable worthless whore of a foal?” said Rainbow Dash

Scootaloo brought her chin high, still demanding even the tiniest fraction of dignity.

“You have beautiful eyes,” Scootaloo cooed, soft, yet clearly.

Rainbow Dash stood still and passed out.

Then Scootaloo fled out the top vent. She didn’t wanted to remember it. She wished she could blink and it would have never happened.

But it did.

She went back to thinking about the guests.

They had told them their names on the way over, what where they? Kate and Glaceon was it? Glaceon kept looking at the trees and the barn and the, well… EVERYTHING! And Kate was looking down at a map. “This is amazing!” said Kate.

Glaceon looked at her scooter it like it was a god.

She walked over to Glaceon.

“What is this?” He asked.

“This is a scooter, it moves things faster than a pony can walk. Here let me show you.”

She got on her scooter and went forward a few feet and jumped up over a log and stopped. Glaceon sat and watched in awe as she did a triple flip.

She stopped and Glaceon clapped.

“That is what I do when someone does something right?” He said.

“You could say that,” said Scootaloo.


Chapter 7: Glaceon

They took him to the barn where they had “Hay beds” ready, where wher scrathchy, but better than the solid Ice beds of his old home.

Old home…

This sounded weird to him…

“So… Good night!” said Apple Bloom!

The door slammed shut.

The room was dark, but there was a little light coming out of the roof.

Kate broke the silence.

“I can only stay one night…” she said in a sad tone.

“Why is that?” he said

“Well… where I come from I have a place to live, so I’m coming just for a visit.”

“Oh… My family…”

He closed his eyes so he wouldn’t cry.

“They all… Died.” He said brokenly.

She got up out of bed and put her paw on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

She sat down on her hay bed.

“My parents died in a war, I do not remember them, but I wish I could see them again…” she said.

Glaceon looked at her, He realized he was not alone.

She got out a book from a bag he didn’t notice she even had.

She opened the book and mumbled a few words. He didn’t know what she was doing. She stopped, and a then a mint came out of the book.

“This always have helped me sleep,” she said.

Stars surrounded the two of them.

He looked at Kate. She looked different, shiny. He looked at himself, he had changed too. The mist disappeared and they both returned to their normal selves and back to the dark room. She went back to here hay bed.

“Good night Glaceon,” she said.

“Good night.”

What the mist was he may never know.

He had never seen magic before.


Chapter 8: Rainbow Dash

She woke up in a dark room. A door opened and a pony turned on the lights. She squinted at the familiar pony.

“Twilight?” was the first word that came out of her mouth.

“Hello, glad to see you’re awake.”

“Where am I?”

“In my castle, now, tell me what you remember, every detail.”

“I don’t remember, all I can remember are names and faces.”

“Hmm, interesting, do you remember this?”

She held up a paper.

“No.” She said honestly

“Do you know what the elements of harmony are?”

“Are they those things we used on Nightmare Moon and Discord?”

“Yes, they are, do you remember how to fly.”

She continued to ask her questions.

“Last question, ok?”

“Bring it on!” Rainbow Dash said flying up in the air.

“What is your element of harmony?”

“Easy, Loyalty!”

“Do you remember more?”

“Yes Twilight I remember my entire life!”



She showed her the paper

“What logo is this?”

I’m still stuck…

“What happened in Equestria labs?”

“What’s Equestria labs?”

“And finally, do you know anyone else who have rainbow colored manes or tails.”

“My dad.”

“Ok, you are free to go,”

As she began to fly towards the door, she stopped.

“Hey Twilight.”


“Have you seen Scootaloo?”



Chapter 9: Glaceon

He woke up that morning to find that Kate was gone. She did say she only had one night. He sat upright and jumped out of bed. He smelled something he had never smelled before, it smelled good. The door of the barn opened and Apple Bloom came in with a plate.

“Breakfast!” She hollered.

“What is that?”

“Pancakes,” she said putting the plate on the bed.

She walked over to the door.

“Enjoy!” she said leaving the room.

He took a bite of the pancakes and found that they were really good so he ate them all. He outside and looked at the scenery.

He saw many trees with red things on them. He decided to walk up to one of the trees.

“That’s an apple tree…” Said a voice behind him.

He jumped.

“It just me…” said Apple Bloom, “I see that Kate went.”


“Hey, do you know where she went?” asked Apple Bloom.

Glaceon thought hard about this question.

“Yea, she said something about being here for only a visit.”

“Oh…” she said.

“Say, what are pancakes made out of, do they grow on trees?”

“No silly, hey! Let me show you. Apple bloom and Glaceon walked over to kitchen.

As they walked over there, Glaceon thought he saw a yellow flower for a split second, but he knew it was probably just his imagination.

When they got there (which literally took like 30 seconds…) Apple Bloom said,

“Hey sis!”

“Yeah Apple Bloom.”

“Glaceon said he wants to know how to make pancakes.”

“Here, lets how him.”




Chapter 10: Scootaloo

She was waiting in the clubhouse for Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. She looked at the opened Blue Boxes and the gifts they contained. A pickaxe, some kind of hoof-held thing and a pin that looked like The Lunar Empire and Solar Republic symbols put together.

Her package was the pin. She had no idea what any of them did.

Just then, the door flew open.

It was Rainbow Dash.

“Hey squirt!” Said Rainbow Dash



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