My new MP3 player is coming soon!

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May 26, 2016 by NoodleCat

Like, later today…

I have had a $25 (25 USD)* Amazon Gift card for about 2 years now, and I needed one way to spend it. I didn’t get it on video, but I fell of the stage that we danced on in our video, The WolvenOwl Dance Off, and a milk carton in my pocket (Don’t even ask) broke and destroyed my MP3 player long with an assortment of other Items. So, I need a new (cheap) MP3 player.

So you may be wondering, what MP3 player am I getting.

To be specific, it is the “Coby MP828-8G 8 GB 2.8-Inch Video MP3 Player (Black) (Discontinued by manufacturer)” I was rated by over 300 people. and I JUST relized this right now… Its 3 stars 😛 Oh boi…

41QHRc3JKBL._SY300_ Link to Amazon (Mine will be black, not blue)

372 cusomer reviews 3 stars

Top critical review

See all 227 critical reviews

56 people found this helpful

3.0 out of 5 starsIts OK…

on January 17, 2011

Weak touchscreen, feels really cheap… but then again it was.
Music plays fine, havnt had any lag or quality problems. Built in speaker works well, nothing special but about standard built-in speaker quality. Camera is better than I thought it would be. Overall its a decent product, works well for music and video, navigation does not flow as well as i would like but is still pretty intuitive. Good price for a touchscreen with a camera, but only get it if you dont mind the lack of quality.

The “Discontinued by manufacturer” part is what worrys me a bit…

I was looking at this one (see below) and personaly I prefer it, but its abouve my 25 USD limit.

71rpJptpT6L._SY355_ Link to amazon

246 customer reviews 3 stars

Customer Review
2.0 out of 5 starsSylvania 4GB, March 13, 2011
I got this player in black and it came with a USB charging cable and earphones as a gift i think it was December 2008. A couple months of using it and the on/off button broke. I was so disappointed.
It’s light
It was easy to use
The players case is soft,gel like, so it wont slip easy from your hands
I was able to read my books and save bookmarks for them
I had no problem loading media files through Windows Media Player or just drag and dropping them into the folder
The touchscreen was easy to calibrate
It has to headphone jacks (two?)
A hold button, so you can put it in your pocket and forget about it.
there is an expandable memory slot, I had 4gb micro sdhc that works as a separate memory
3.6″ Full Color LCD Touch Screen, which is an ok size for viewing movies.
Supports MP3, WMA, JPEG and TXT files (This was helpful)
Built-In Rechargeable Battery and speaker
Voice Recording, i never tried this out though

As with most touchscreens, it needed a few taps to finally respond.
In sunlight it was hard to see the videos I was trying to watch
The extra memory slot did not combine with the memory from the player
I couldn’t play some of the movies/tv shows I loaded, I’m not sure what type they were maybe I was loading the wrong type
The build in speaker was not loud enough so it made it hard to hear as I moved around the room
Like I said before it broke, I went to turn it off and the button broke inside and my friend tried to attach it but the copper strip was not working anymore.

All in all, for my first player it was great. I would still be using it if it hadn’t broke.

Looking at these reviews really helped me, thanks!
I hope to do an unboxing video, but I don’t really know, I may be to anxious to open it :3
*I said it was $25 AND 25 USD, because this website has gone global, I have views from several countries daily! Thanks!

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