Happy Birthday Leo and Nix!

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August 24, 2016 by NoodleCat


This Is Nix, today I have some new stuff I want to share… It will effect the quality of our YouTube videos in a very big way…

  1. I now have a GoPro, we wont need to use Vandura’s IPad anymore… The quality should be better and will look more professional!

2. I now have a program called Pinnacal Studio 19 (Ultimate Edition), No More Windows Movie Maker! Yay! the quality of audio, effects, Slow-Mo’s, Multi-camera screens, etc. should be much better, I actually used 18 and that was fun to use… To bad It doesn’t work for Windows 10, Now I have this one!

That’s All, sorry there was no video post today I had alot to do with school just starting up and spending wy birth day with friends and family!

Fun story before I wrap up this post… I went to the store and got not 1, not ten, but 19 Crystal Pepsi’s (For my birthday week)!

  • 5 for me
  • 5 for my sister
  • 7 for my friends
  • 2 for my mom and younger sister

Anyway, check out my YouTube while your online, subscribe , follow this blog, this was Nix from the WolvenOwl Crew and always spam level one, bye!


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