Thank you everyone for the support!

First of all, thank you everyone for you support, Seeing that people care about my work really helps my thrive and continue to keep posting. Project WolvenOwl was a very big chunk of my life so far and I will try not to remember it.

Reading the first paragraph, you probably understand whats going on: Project WolvenOwl is being shut down 😦

I will not stop posting what you guys want, but a new chapter of my life has opened, and I believe its time to let go of WolvenOwl.

WolvenOwl has been my biggest project I have ever worked on, however- Posting on this website has been rough, the last post mas made months ago an I believe you can see a decrease in views.

While WolvenOwl is being shut down, I will be posting videos on YouTube and other stuff on Twitter (Links to these will be at the end of the article) as well as Deviantart and twitch.

I will be changing my online name (a poll will pinned to my Twitter for the next week after this is posted)

Thank you guys SOOOOO much for supporting me and WolvenOwl, you have all changed my life, I love you all!


-Founder of WolvenOwl